About Us


The church began with a number of couples meeting for Bible studies in 2000 and then was constituted as
Lighthouse Worship Café, under the auspices of Echunga Uniting church, in 2001.
The beginnings was as a café church trying to be relevant.
In 2004 we cut ties with the Uniting church body and with  pastoral support, Chris and Gloria stepped up to minister.
While making a transition to a stronger doctrinal stand and biblical mandates this brought the church through a number of periods of turmoil as purifying and practical godliness has become the life of the church. The church’s name was changed to Gospel of Christ Fellowship in 2013 to reflect the continuing reformation of the church in practice as well as doctrine.
Hence our tag is: “It’s the Only Gospel we preach”

A survey of the modern church
A survey of the contemporary evangelical scene reveals some startling facts: church attendance is up, way up, while Bible knowledge is down, way down! More people now say they believe in God than ever before according to a recent Gallup
survey, while an equally high number of respondents said they did not believe that truth is absolute.
You are left to wonder just what kind of God these people worship!?

These paradoxes shouldn’t surprise us; never before in the history of the church has doctrine been so universally
belittled and held in contempt. And this attitude threatens the very gospel message Christ commissioned His Bride to proclaim
(Matt. 28:18-20; Luke 24:46-47).

The title of a recent best-seller sums it up well; the church has become Ashamed of the Gospel!

The church too often today is more concerned with “relevance” than truth. It marches to the drum beat of popularity and
trendiness. It gets its agenda from the world and has succumbed to worldliness.

For example, tolerance is the great virtue of our age, and anyone who would dare “call a spade a spade” and refer to
someone’s activities or lifestyle as “sinful” is stigmatized as the real enemy of society and progress.
Tolerance has also invaded the church in the form of a growing acceptance of heresy and a corresponding reluctance to confront sin within the Body as the Bible specifically instructs.
(Matt. 18:15-20; 1 Cor. 5:1-13).