We are coming to that time of the year, Easter.  For most people it is just an extra long weekend; a feast of chocolate, for some it’s one of a couple of times they see the inside a church; others it is an important date on the calendar. Some time ago I read on a sign outside of a local church, “Christians celebrate Easter every Sunday” they had it right.  Every time a believer participates in the Lord’s Table we remember and proclaim the Lord’s death and resurrection until He returns; one doesn’t have to wait to a certain time of the year. We will read Church leaders Easter messages in the media, while some of the messages do have truisms in them and some do mention Jesus, but the majority of these messages are gobbledegook and have nothing to do with the true Gospel; so the question remains:
What is the reason for Him to come?
It is all about Jesus Christs’ death on our behalf; for our sins and His burial and resurrection? The message of belief in Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death on our behalf which that alone can put people into the only ‘family’ that matters in eternity – the family of God.
Are we ashamed of the Gospel? Do church leaders know what the Gospel is? If there is only one Gospel that saves, then why do we hear the gospels of politics, socialism, works and other earthly temporal human concerns? Where are the eternal issues of life or death? Why are we not calling on people to believe in Jesus and His atoning work on the cross alone?
Strong words are deserved for such a reckless betrayal of a minister’s calling to preach the Gospel! Jesus did not come to earth and die a horrible death for our felt needs or for our political, social or psychological agendas! He came to redeem people from sin. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died as a substitute for mankind so that we can be forgiven and given a perfect righteousness not of our own, to enter a perfect righteous Heaven. This is not by works or anything of ourselves – not anything political or social. It is God’s work alone through Christ alone. Where you spend eternity depends on what you believe!
Join us on Sunday mornings; don’t wait for Easter Sunday….
you may not make it!